Accesorize Confidently

28 de July de 2020


Accesorize Confidently

When decorating it is always easy to pick an area rug, a sofa, dining table, the big pieces right?  you fill a space..Done… but some people feel clueless when it comes to accesorizing a coffee table or a commode. How to create a nice cohesive atmosphere with small pieces?

Well, there are some basic elements that work for me in every style : a tray, vases, plants and candles. Here is an idea:

Combine a set of vases (3 is always best) of the same color or texture in different heights and arrange it on a tray (depending on the rest of the decor it can be natural or painted wood or metallic), then add some plant stems on the highest vase, even fake ones will work. As a finish touch add some variety with a small colorful or metallic piece. If you use transparent vases you could put some candles inside as well, or just leave them empty like in my photo.

If you need further help, book a virtual consultation and I would be happy to give you some fabulous ideas to accesorize with confidence your favorite spaces.

With love,

Y. Cocco

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