Color colour lover

28 de July de 2020


Color colour lover

Can you imagine a world without color?

Color defines our world. Is the first thing you remember and the last thing you forget. Color is a language and a way of being.

I can understand that to some people too much color can be overwhelming and busy, but once you understand the psychology and how it can affect our feelings and emotions, one can be able to unleash the power of color.

Here are some examples of color association :

White : pureness, perfection,
Orange : autumn, Holland

Yellow: sun, fun, optimism
Red : love, fire, sexy
Green : nature, hope, freshness, envy

In design it is the single most important element in order to create a mood and a style. Using bright and bold shades to energize a space or softer shades to create calm spaces.

There are endless color combinations and wall paint finishes. Let me help you find a suitable one with my color consultation service.


With love,

Y. Cocco

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